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Sex Therapy/Psychotherapy

Sex therapy is a type of psychotherapy — a general term for treating mental health problems by talking with a mental health provider. Through sex therapy, you can address concerns about sexual function, sexual feelings and intimacy — either in individual therapy or in joint therapy with your partner. Sex therapy can be effective for adults of any age, sex or sexual orientation.


Sex therapy can help you resolve various sexual issues, from concerns about sexual function or feelings to the way you relate to your partner. Through sex therapy, you may focus on issues such as:



Sex therapy is talk therapy. The therapist will ask you about the problem, when it started, and what you’ve tried to do to make it better. They will take a history of your past relationships. Then a treatment plan will be created. This may include psychotherapy, reading books and articles, and/or activities for you to try, alone or with a partner. Most people who enter sex therapy are satisfied, or very satisfied, with their decision to get help.


Sex education is imparted by Alpha one group as a social initiative to needy groups of people such as students, psychologists, for groups of people suffering with specific problems such as diabetes, hypertension,heart disease, stress, life style disorders, aged people and menopausal women.For further details,please contact us.