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Premarital Sexual Fitness

It is perceived that sexual dysfunction like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction happens only in older men. According to recent publications in the Journal of Adolescent Health and Journal of Sexual Medicine, these problems are common in the younger men too.

We know that sexual dysfunction may occur due to problems with a person’s physical or mental health. Young men are at a stage in life when the lifestyle is hectic due to pressures of education, new jobs and developing relationships. Sexual inexperience may make them have unrealistic expectations from physical relationships. All these stresses may accentuate sexual dysfunction.

This is also the time that men enter long term marital relationships. Many young men may have doubts about their sexual abilities and this mostly unreal, fear may prevent them from enjoying their bonding with their partner.

Young men are embarrassed to talk about their feelings with their friends or parents.

We offer a reliable and confidential service where you can freely talk about your problems with qualified doctors, who will counsel you and suggest investigations and treatment if needed. You can be assured of total privacy and satisfaction. We know how important it is to be confident in one’s ability to ensure a happy start to married life. So please come and see us and enhance your confidence.