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Female sexual dysfunction is very commondisorder and about 40 percent women suffer from it.Orgasmic disorder is quite common and now it can be improved with O-shot. The O-Shot, or "orgasm shot," is used to treat female sexual dysfunction in women and stimulate the vagina to aid in achieving orgasm. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is extracted from the patient's blood and injected into an area near the clitoris and inside the vagina. This technique works by using groqth factors from platelets containing the patient’s own blood from their arm. This is then put in a centrifuge which produces Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). It is injected into specific areas around the vagina and clitoris, and patients can just have one shot or come back for more which will build on the existing PRP.


The goal of orgasm shot is to stimulate the growth of new cells and make the injected areas more sensitive. The effects may last about one year. Patients feel stronger and more frequent orgasms, increased natural lubrication and greater arousal after having the procedure .It takes around one hour under local anasthetic and the patient can walk home.