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Appointment Protocol


We endeavour to set aside enough time for each consultation, so that the doctor can listen to and fully understand patient's problem. To ensure this happens, it is very important for you to make an appointment atleast one week prior to the desired date.


This can be done by calling:
+91 9312377554
+91 8882244400
+91 11 26438044
between 10 am and 6pm Monday to Saturday


When calling, please give your name and telephone number.


An appointment cannot be made online.


Please ensure you reach the clinic in time, so that you are fully satisfied with the consultation.


If for any reason you cannot keep the appointment, please be kind enough to call and cancel the appointment so that the time can be used to see someone else.


The doctor is looking after patients in other hospitals as well, and at times can be called for emergency surgery or looking after ill patients. This cannot be planned, so occasionally there may be a delay in seeing you. This will only happen in extreme cases, so please be understanding and patient. Do not keep other important commitments on the day of the appointment.


Please help us in helping you!